World Cup 2023

In Spring 2022, the Swedish Handball Federation, through Hand the Ball, will initiate the first joint initiative in preparation for two upcoming championships in Sweden during 2023.

2023 promises to be an incredible year for Swedish handball with the men’s championship taking place in January, with finals held at the Tele2 arena in Stockholm, and the women’s championship in December with group stage matches in Gothenburg. This project will span all six host cities and will be carried out in collaboration with local organizations. For the first time ever, SHF, SDF and clubs in the host cities will work together to implement social projects focused on providing activity and movement opportunities for children and young people.

The focus will be on implementing the concept in schools through education and having a strong connection with selected associations in the area. Additionally, “Lilla VM” (Little World Cup) and event activities in various contexts will be organized in all cities to provide trial activities in other schools. Through these three different types of movement initiatives, we hope to give many children a great experience with the green ball, either through trying it out or through continuous movement in selected areas.

The cities represented are: Gothenburg, Malmö, Kristianstad, Stockholm, Jönköping and Helsingborg. For more information, please contact:


Hand the Ball is encouraging youth to become more active throughout the nation.

[10 januari]
Since 2020, the Swedish Handball Federation has implemented the pedagogical movement concept "Hand the Ball" in their regular operations and offers it as a support and aid to clubs that wish to launch social projects. In a number of articles, you will get to take part in the exciting journey and development that "Hand the Ball" has made in recent years.

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Hand the Ball in the host cities during the 2023 World Cup.

[15 januari]
Throughout the country, the Men's Handball World Championship is currently being played and Hand the Ball is on the journey in the host cities. The work with social initiatives linked to both championships in 2023 was launched a year ago and Hand the Ball is a common factor for all host cities..

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The exciting Hand the Ball event in Gothenburg is attracting many people to get moving.

[17 januari]
Since Spring 2022, Handball Federation Väst has had the opportunity to work with various types of Hand the Ball events in Gothenburg to raise awareness of handball as a sport and the upcoming championships.

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IFK Kristianstad is investing in Hand the Ball in collaboration with schools.

[20 januari]
In Kristianstad, the association IFK Kristianstad has, through the VM 2023 initiative, been granted the opportunity to reinforce their ongoing work with Hand the Ball and movement activities for children and young people.

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Propaganda for Handball in Malmö with 1400 participating children

[24 januari]
Last week, the grand event "Little World Cup Days" was held in Malmö in order to give children and young people from the municipality's schools the chance to try out handball, Hand the Ball and various other movement activities in an exciting way.

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The children in Jönköping are meeting their handball idol on the school playground.

[21 februari]
Hallby Handboll initiated their work with Hand the Ball 2021 by having their swift left-winger Hampus Dahlgren attend the Swedish Handball Federation's instructor course.

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