Hand the Ball Challenge

The Hand the Ball Challenge is an activity initiative created by the Swedish Handball Federation to encourage your school to engage in movement and activity both indoors in the classroom and outdoors in the schoolyard.

The Hand the Ball Challenge is delivered in a green box, full of challenges that can be completed with our soft, green street handball, both independently and with a leader. The idea is that the box can be hung on a hook in the classroom and thus always be available to the students. Our philosophy is that it should be easy to get active!

The challenges have been designed to create movement combined with collaboration, communication and understanding between children. In our regular Hand the Ball activities, we impart pedagogy that promotes movement in children, and autonomy is an important focus in order to increase their motivation for activity. As a result of this, many of the cards are written based on options and creativity to increase the children’s sense of self-determination.

Our core values permeate all exercises and materials we create, which is why we have printed them on the ball to always have them close at hand: togetherness, fairness, joy and respect.


The first 450 Hand the Ball Challenge boxes ordered through the RF/SISU Movement Initiative in Schools are subsidized to a price of 200 SEK per piece. Boxes sold beyond this or to schools/clubs not participating in the RF/SISU Movement Initiative will cost 400 SEK per piece. Let us work together to get more children and young people moving!

Hand the Ball Challenge

After completion of the Hand the Ball training, or upon ordering our Hand the Ball Challenge boxes, one has the opportunity to order additional balls with the core values from us. Ten kronor per ordered ball will be donated to initiatives in Africa.

Ball: 198 SEK/item
Carrying bag: 150 SEK/item

This includes:

  • 1 hanging box on a hook
  • 1 green streetball with core values
  • 1 Instruction Guide
  • 20 Outdoor Movement Cards with activities
  • 30 Indoor Movement Cards with activities