Training Programs

At Hand the Ball Sweden, knowledge and education are at the core of our mission and we strive to create and nurture engaged instructors. Our leaders are energetic individuals who strive to actively participate alongside the children during activities.

To be able to carry out Hand the Ball activities within an association or school, all leaders must complete a Hand the Ball instructor education. Upon completion of the education, it is expected that projects and leadership are guided by the values and pedagogy that Hand the Ball represents.

Schools and organizations

Hand the Ball within the handball club

We hope that associations view Hand the Ball as a great opportunity to think outside the box, make handball more accessible and, based on current research, work towards meeting the children we don’t reach today. In this way, associations can take advantage and train their leaders in the concept, both for use in school projects and in their regular activities, so that the children who hopefully join the handball club can recognize themselves in the activities.

Hand the Ball not only implies “recruitment” of handball players, but can also have a good impact on youth’s movement and activity, as well as our sport’s and club’s ability to create a positive experience of sport and club in an environment where we would normally not be visible.

Hand the Ball and schools

We consider the school to be the perfect target group for implementation of activities and motion for children and young people, as we can be certain of reaching everyone in society there. Different Hand the ball activities are used today during breaks, leisure activities, sports lessons, and movement pauses in classrooms through our Challengelåda or Trygghetsresan. As a trained instructor, you also have access to our playmaker education where you can inspire students to take part in certain movement activities in school.

Everything was good, but the practical part was fantastic. As a PE teacher, I observe that many students feel exposed during certain moments. The tips on how to individualize, how to introduce competition in a different way were great. I also appreciate the idea of how to build a good session.

Instructor education

Hand the Ball instructors are highly trained leaders that actively engage with the concept. Before entering the field, each participant undergoes a comprehensive training program that covers our activity manual including topics such as values, technical training, pedagogy, motivation and leadership. Through this education, we strive to create leaders that bring enthusiasm and joy to the green ball.

I appreciate the many tips and ideas provided! Practicing and testing out various exercises makes it easier for me to complete them. It was beneficial to have a clear understanding of the expected attitude and approach we should take when carrying out these activities with the children.

Content of Training Package

  • 4-hour theoretical/practical training of HTB Instructors, 2-4 people
  • Material kit: 20 green balls with values, 1 HTB ball sack, 1 pop-up goal, 1 rebounder
  • Digital exercise bank for all trained instructors for one year
  • Activity guide (printed training materials on leadership as well as HTB activities)
  • Hand the Ball Challenge: Our green box with 50 movement cards for the classroom and outdoors
  • Free access to spin-off material that is continuously being developed
  • Opportunity for discounted purchases of other movement materials from our suppliers

Spin-off material

We are pleased to receive stimulating initiatives from our projects around the country, which are collated so that everyone can benefit from them. We view this concept as something that is constantly evolving and for this reason, we will be continuously producing materials that will help trained professionals with activities and movement. Just think of what we can achieve with a green ball, creativity and hard work!

Playmaker Training

As an HTB instructor, one can use their expertise to provide Playmaker training for young leaders in order to support the establishment and maintenance of activities. We believe that this material can be directed to schools in the form of a “student supporter” or in a club, where the ability to lead others and set an example is initiated. Please note: You train “Playmakers”, not new HTB instructors, which can only be achieved through a Swedish Handball Association-led course.

Thank you to Hjulsta Grundskola for a great partnership

Translation Brochure

A larger brochure and five small information cards are required for the purpose of describing Hand the Ball, handball, and club sports in five different languages (Swedish, English, Somali, Arabic, Tigrinya). The goal is to lower the barrier to entry into clubs and, in turn, enable children to take part in activities.

Thank you Kista SC, Handbollförbundet Öst and RF/SISU Stockholm for the initiative and these brochures

Activity cards

Printable cards to describe the Hand the Ball and street handball game when organizing activities for children. These cards can help increase interest and show how the children can continue playing even when you are not present.

Thanks to RF-SISU Gävleborg for the initiative and these cards

Sideline - a digital repository of practice materials

All trained instructors will have access to the digital exercise bank “Goalcha Street Handball” on Sideline for one year. Hopefully this will inspire movement, and instructors can show the kids directly from the screen so that they can see the new possibilities with the ball.

Thank you Goalcha streehandball Danmark for the initiative and a great partnership