The essence of activity

We believe that the essence of Hand the Ball is street handball, but with a combination of various forms of movement. We think that incorporating different influences of motion can encourage children who usually don‘t take part. During the training, one will acquire ideas on how to use handball in novel ways and test the participants motor skills. After the training, one will obtain the Hand the Ball Challenge Box, which has 50 movement cards to assist with activities.

We aim to create engaging activities that are not focused on results and performance, as we know this can have a negative impact on physical activity among children and young people. Therefore, we train on how to compete in a creative and fun way. Through further developed material, one can continuously get new inspiration for activities, and here we have, for example, created the Hand the Ball Challenge box. This is available after the training and it contains 50 movement cards that can be used according to the needs of the organization.