Throughout Sweden, our clubs in the Swedish Handball Federation have launched various initiatives and social projects since Spring 2020. Below, we have written about some examples of different Hand the Ball projects.

The purpose of these projects varies, but all operations are trained in our pedagogy and use our green streethandball.


Hand the Ball Sweden was developed through a longer-term social project in socio-economically disadvantaged areas, focusing on the development of pedagogical guidelines for leaders. This initiative was funded by the Handball European Championship 2020 being held in Sweden, with the concluding final weekend taking place in Stockholm at the Tele2 Arena. Hand the Ball worked in partnership with the City of Stockholm, Handball National Team AB, and the Stockholm Handball Federation to create more movement and activity in six primary schools in Stockholm. Here, all involved collaborated to not only create a unique and exciting event, but also a lasting and sustainable activity for children and young people in the Stockholm area.

Borlänge HK

This concept is being utilised by the club in the Handboll för hjärta och gemenskap project (in which Örebro Handboll and RP IF are involved). This project is delivering activities in the socio-economically disadvantaged district of Tjärna Ängar. Young leaders have been trained through the local NIU gymnasium, and they have been supported by a highly motivated project leader who is responsible for all school visits. Visits are being made around the city for sports lessons, lunchtimes and leisure activities.

Hultsfred HK

Hultsfred HK has been working extensively in schools through activities during breaks and physical education classes for all students from preschool up to sixth grade. “Around 20-30 new girls started playing handball in the club after this initiative was launched, which is a huge boost for us considering that we haven’t had any girls team in several years”.

HK Eskil

This organisation launched the ‘Hand the Ball’ initiative during the summer of 2020, providing handball activities for children who had not previously participated in the sport. After 1.5 years, two handball teams have been established, consisting of players who would not have been reached without this initiative.

SHE & Handbollsligan

Many clubs in our highest league have been educated in this concept and have implemented it into their social projects. For example, elite players from Hallby Handball, Lugi HF and Skara HK have been visiting local schools. It is an amazing opportunity for young girls and boys to be able to play with their idols!